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Founded by Evert Fermin in January 2014

Evert Fermin (1965) studied Social and Work & Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. He finished a study of Social Intelligence at the Hoogovens (Tata Steel) in IJmuiden. After this he started his career from a internship at the Centre for Management Assessment of the Rijkspsychologische Dienst in The Hague, with the development of Assessment Centers. He continued his career as an assessment psychologist at Van der Groep & Olsthoorn in Zeist, after which he worked for the Algemeen Psychologisch Laboratorium (APL) in Amsterdam. Executive Search became in the following years increasingly important for him. The last years he was manager of APL (Executive Search) until the end of 2013. In January 2014 he founded Fresco Select in Amsterdam.


Picking the fruit: from people & organisation to a fruitful match

Everything which grows, will come to complete fruition, only if two conditions are met: there is inner strength, and there is a nurturing environment. And so it is for human beings in their professional life. The right match between people and organisations is essential to let blossom all the qualities of the people, so that they and the organisations that employ them, then can pick the fruits.

The scientific psychological approach typically examines a specific slice of the human being: that is a good way to focus and to investigate every detail. But in the everyday life of executive search we engage with the complete individual, who is more than the sum of his or her parts. For instance, a formal qualification or a specific track record on the cv certainly is meaningful, but it is essential to  be acquainted with the person as a whole, in order to judge the quality of the match between the individual, the vacant position and the organisation. When these three reinforce each other, then the saps start flowing, energy is generated and ambitions are realized easily.

Fresco Select is personally acquainted with very many people, organisations and roles (in a market segment or network), which is the first condition and step towards realising a fast and fruitful match. A good assessment of people, organisation and role is the second step, while establishing the match itself is the third step and desired outcome. I am eager and willing to contribute to that outcome.


Short video for a first impression

Next to a convincing cv, a good first impression is an important start for the process towards a successful match. If candidates agree, I suggest to make a short video recording after the interview, in which the candidate presents himself/herself. After the candidate has authorised the video, I then include the video in the CV presentation to the client, so the first impression gives a complete picture, as a starting point for the best match.

An example of such a video is given below. Videos may be even shorter.