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For employers

We always start a search with a launch meeting in which we map the organization and the vacant position(s), and define the crucial requirements and the soft criteria.

We have three options for the search:

  1. a search based on no cure no pay
  2. an exclusive search, with a discount on the fee
  3. a search for interim management

Together we will decide on the search strategy, procedure and composition of the selection committee. Everything will be communicated clearly and laid down in an agreement. Then we start the search.

Evert Fermin is responsible for the search and will be assisted by freelancers if necessary.

We present the first candidates to you on average within three weeks. You can arrange the interviews with the candidates directly if you want. Evert Fermin stays involved during the entire procedure and can also advise on the start period of the selected candidate.

Fresco Select offers quality. Evert Fermin is a member of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP-Psycholoog) and respects the most recent Code of Conduct that was formulated by the Dutch Order of Recruitment & Executive Search Consultants. (OAWS).

As a standard service we can offer a intelligence assessment (in Dutch). We can also carry out an (e-)assessment and/or advise on assessment results provided by a third party.

A short video presentation of the candidate can help you in making the first selection.

Finally we offer a guarantee scheme.

You may find new on-line vacancies on the vacancy page.

Fresh & Fruitful is for news & completed vacancies of 2014.

For further contact, details, and/or our general conditions of service, please call or mail Evert Fermin.