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Fresco Assessment

We deploy a wide range of reliable and scientifically sound assessment instruments in order to get a clear picture of your applicants’ competences, skills, capacities and motivation. This is input for us to advise you which candidate is the best match for your vacant position.

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Online assessment

Do you want to have a quick and accurate overview of the competences, personality, intelligence, motivation or talents of your employees or applicants? Please use one of our reliable online assessments. We provide access to a very wide range of online assessments.


The candidate will be able to complete the online assessment in a location and at a time of his or her convenience. As soon as the candidate has completed the online questionnaires, a report will be generated. If necessary, one of our qualified psychologists can discuss and explain the report to you and the applicant. This can also be done by telephone or video connection.

So, our online assessments are:

  • fast
  • reliable
  • low investment cost (cost efficient)
  • independent of place and time

Do you want to know more, or ask for a quotation? Please contact us directly.

Customised assessment

We are happy to conduct for you development assessments and selection assessments. You can use the development assessment to map the development issues and the potential for growth of your employees. You can use the selection assessment to select the best candidates from among your applicants.

What does a customized assessment look like?

  • one of our psychologists has an interview with you about your needs and requests
  • we then design and propose a customized assessment that can comprise various elements
  • we carry out the assessment
  • we draft a report of the outcome and discuss it with you

An assessment may comprise one or more of the following elements:

  • interview with psychologist
  • motivation test
  • intelligence test
  • competences test
  • personality test
  • role play with an actor

Why Fresco Assessment?

We are a reliable and accurate partner in business. We take your needs seriously and want to provide you with the best possible assistance. Fresco Assessment can be part of an integrated Fresco approach combined with Executive Search, or Training & Coaching.

Do you want to know more, or ask for a quotation? Please contact Rick van de Water (or Evert Fermin).

We focus on you as a client and make sure that you are able to make the optimal decision.