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For employers

With all new clients and new assignments, we first meet in order to discuss all relevant details of the company, the vacancy and the most important hard and soft search criteria.

Working together towards the goal

We have three options for the search:

  • a search on the basis of "no cure no pay"
  • A dedicated, exclusive search, with a reduced fee
  • Search and liaison for interim management with commission or payrolling

After the search strategy, the application procedure and the selection committee have been determined, we will write these up in a search agreement. Once this is signed the search can start. One of the specialised business partners / consultants takes responsibility for the search, and will where necessary ask colleagues to assist.

We offer as an additional service a video presentation of the candidates, as a part of the first selection of candidates to be interviewed.

Generally speaking, you can interview the first candidates within three weeks. You can set up meetings directly with the candidate, if you so wish. The business partner will be in touch throughout the entire process and is able to advise and intercede up to and including the job contract and the trial period.

Fresco Select offers quality. Rick van de Water and Evert Fermin are both member of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP) and all consultants act in accordance to the most recent code of conduct established by the Dutch Order of Recruitment and Selection Consultants (Orde van Adviseurs voor Werving & Selectie, OAWS).

We also offer a guarantee.

Strategic cooperation agreements

In order to provide you with even better services, we have entered into a number of strategic partnerships. Fresco Select is looking continually for improvement in the mix of services, so that we can expand, complement and optimize our services and keep our overhead cost low.

Partnerships include:

  • Our recruiters Benedikte Schatteman and Marjan van Cortenberghe, see under Recruitment
  • Our assessment partner Rick van de Water and Benjamin Heij, see under Assessments
  • Our trainers Benjamin Heij, Marjan van Cortenberghe and Piet-Hein Koster, see under Trainings
  • Other coaching, such as prevention of burn-out, introduction supervision, etc.
  • network of (inter)national specialised sister agencies
  • a studio for recording of authentic video CVs
  • payrolling agencies

All consultants & businesspartners have many years of experience in retail.

Fresh & Fruitful lists previous successful job placements in earlier years.

Fresco Select acts in accordance with the GDPR regulations of May 25, 2018 and also requires clients to do so. Please see GPDR

For more information and our Terms and Conditions, please call or mail Evert Fermin or one of the other specialized consultants & business partners (see under contact).