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Fresco Training & Coaching

A good start is half the battle

Recruiting and selecting the right people, that is what we (nearly) always manage to do, based on our experience and approach. And when these people start their new job, Fresco Select can be of assistance, too. Tailor made training and coaching put the employer’s expertise and leadership to maximum use so as to deploy all assets of your new talented hires immediately.

How do you on-board the new colleagues in a professional manner? How do you cater to your people’s desire and your organisation’s need for continuous investment in personal development? How do you align personal drivers with organisational goals? And how do you ensure teams function in the best possible way?

Building on our recruitment services, we offer training and coaching to help employers answer these questions.

How we can serve you

  • On-boarding coaching

Research shows that a professionally designed on-boarding makes new hires productive twice as fast – so that employers can make use of their full potential twice as quickly. An experienced coach supports you in structuring this on-boarding process. This helps the new colleague in his or her personal positioning in the organisation. He or she is stimulated to create impact, by adopting a fresh, constructive and proactive attitude in interactions with manager and colleagues. The first stumbles are embraced as opportunities for personal development. Depending on context and need, on-boarding coaching can be deployed for six to twelve months after hiring. The backbone of this method is regular talks with the coach, whilst we also stay in touch with you as employer.

  • Individual coaching or team coaching

After on-boarding, you want to continue support for personal development of your employees. We therefore offer individual coaching to address themes such as personal leadership, communication and performance improvement. We also offer team coaching for optimising team cooperation.

  • Trainings and workshops

As an employer, it is vital that you translate organisational goals into cultural values and competences. With the right leadership, these competences are then transformed into the desired behaviour. Our trainers are able to determine in consultation with you what is needed to facilitate this, and offer trainings and workshops with this focus. Depending on the number of participants, trainings are offered with open registration or in-company.

What we do

  • We work with coaches and trainers who are seasoned experts in their field with in-depth knowledge of the retail sector. We blend theory and practice in a fresh and pragmatic approach.   
  • We assess in a personal conversation with you what model is suited to your needs and budget.
  • We conduct an intake interview with one or more participants as standard procedure in our preparation  
  • We have a range of coaching methods which we make to measure, so that we can match perfectly with individual needs and learning preferences
  • We can deploy additional instruments of your choice, in order to increase effectivity and specificity, such as an assessment, a personality analysis or a 360 degree feedback tool.   
  • We can make use of training actors in our trainings and coachings.

Are you interested?

Please do contact Benjamin Heij or Marjan van Cortenberghe to discuss how they can help you.

We guarantee return on your investment !