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Fresco Training

For whom?

Our development schemes and training programmes are largely aimed at themes such as personal effectiveness, personal leadership, communication and individual coaching; targeted at all kinds of commercial positions in retail, e-commerce, trade and brands. Trainers all have many years of experience in retail and thus are able to make the right connection with the professional and the relevant context.


Talented people are a scarce good in the job market. To complement our Fresco Select services, we therefore offer Fresco Training, so that you can train your current staff to develop in a way that meets market demands and the strategy of your organisation. You want your employees to be able to seduce the client to enter into a durable relationship with your organisation, your products and your identity.


Each person is most effective when he or she can make an authentic connection with the other, based on self-insight. Our approach to development is characterized by facilitating the obtaining of better insight in the personal identity, and from that point onwards develop skills that contribute to personal growth and thus to growth of the organisation.

Our programmes are focused on development of employees to become more client- and service oriented, with a stronger sales and results orientation, to improve communication skills and customer loyalty.

We work with groups and with individuals. The employee journey is the core of these programmes, next to the customer journey.

We design our development programmes in coordination with all of your key HR processes such as recruitment, with your brand identity and your business strategy. Our training programmes can be complementary to Fresco Select and Fresco Assessment. Your needs always are our starting point. In co-creation with you we design each development programme so that it suits your needs and leads to tangible and sustainable results.

We aim to maximize impact by looking at development from different viewpoints: knowledge, skills and attitude. We work with blended learning techniques that are adapted to the pace of the target group and the business.

The nine steps of Fresco Training’s customer journey:

  1. Client demand: what are the client’s clients needs and wishes
  2. Real-time: we know your clients’ world and experience their wish, need or demand
  3. Co-creation: compile an integral development plan in co-creation with the client, which is aligned with the organisational strategy
  4. Commitment of management: commitment & engagement session with management
  5. Zero base measurement: measurement of performance of employees via 360 degree feedback
  6. Finetunen: final touches to the integral development plan
  7. Execution: training & interventions on impact
  8. Personal impact: post hoc measurement of employee performance via 360 degree feedback
  9. Organisational impact: measurement of organisational performance and output

Are you interested in our tried and tested approach? Contact Piet-Hein Koster or Marjan van Cortenberghe and we will be happy to travel with you on this journey of nine steps from your clients’ needs to a positive impact on your organisational targets.

Return on investment is guaranteed!